Changing Fluids In Cars Is Highly Recommended

Motor oil is, without a doubt, the most popular fluid contained in the modern motor vehicle. Motor oil was created all the way back in the summer months of 1866 when a man named John Ellis was busy studying crude oil. Mr. John Ellis failed to find any medicinal value in the substance. However, he did find that crude oil was excellent at creating a thin layer between various pieces of metal, wood, and other solids.

About seven years after he first started noticing the lubricating properties of motor oil, John Ellis created a mixture of oils that held true under high temperatures, allowing the steam engine to work oh so effectively.

Vehicle owners can check their motor oil by first locating the dipstick. Simply remove it from its sheath, wipe it clean, and then place it back in its sheath right before pulling it out. Learn more about the properties of motor oil with the experts here at Winslow Ford on your side. Feel free to stop by anytime!

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