Test Your Car's Battery Before a Road Trip

Testing the battery in your car is easy if you have the right tools and a little understanding of the process. You're going to need a good pair of gloves, safety glasses, a wire brush, and the voltmeter.

Turn the car lights and engine off, open the hood, and put on your safety glasses and gloves. If there is any corrosion at the terminals of the battery, use your wire brush to remove it. Attach red cable of voltmeter to positive battery terminal, black cable to negative terminal of battery. A reading above 12.4 means the battery is in great shape. If the reading is at or below 12.2, then it isn't holding a charge and could be failing.

When the car battery shows signs of failing, come to Winslow Ford so we can give the entire charging system a good inspection and replace the battery if it can no longer hold a charge.

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