Avoid Fender Benders with the Ford Explorer's Technology Features

It's so easy to get into a fender bender when you're in a parking lot. Someone crosses behind you when you're least expecting it, or you back out and graze the side of another person's car, and then insurance companies need to be called, and you have a whole slew of headaches. But what if you could avoid those occasional dings? With the popular three-row SUV, the Ford Explorer, you can.

It has Park Assist, which can help you get into and out of stalls. It does most of the work for you with its 12 sensors. And if you're always concerned that a vehicle will be passing behind you when you are backing out, the Cross-Traffic Alert will tell you about a vehicle in your blind spot.

If you want to know more about the Ford Explorer, come to Winslow Ford in Winslow, AZ for a test drive.

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