An Underinflated Tire Creates Many Hazards

Quality tires can last a long time even when driven in the worst conditions. Sleet, snow, mud, and even hot asphalt may not be enough to prematurely degrade the rubber. Even the best tires, however, have their limitations. Owners must care for their vehicle's tires or else the treads might wear out quicker than expected.

Not keeping track of tire pressure, in particular, could lead to ruined treads. Low pressure undermines the tires ability to maintain traction and also creates more contact with the road causing wear. Hitting a pothole with an underinflated tire could lead to a knocking out the car's alignment. Underinflation always comes with the potential for a dangerous blowout.

All tires come with a recommended PSI inflating rating. If you don't know how to check tire pressure, help is available. We here at Winslow Ford can check your car's tire pressure and add air if needed in no time, just plan your visit to our service center today!

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