Drive a Ford Fusion Energi at Winslow Ford

The Ford Fusion platform is Ford's global entry into the midsize sedan market. These vehicles are very popular as fleet cars, taxicabs, and commuter cars. While they are not economy budget vehicles, they are no frills, business appropriate. Ford often experiments with this platform by changing out engines. The Ford Fusion Energi is a hybrid version of the standard Ford Fusion.

The performance on the Ford Fusion is solid for a hybrid. The HP that comes out of the hybrid engine averages about 190, but is lessened when the optional eco-drive is engaged. The eco-drive increases gas mileage at the expense of performance. The battery only range in this car is only about 20 miles, but since it is a hybrid there is also a gas tank to fall back on for longer trips.

Drive a Ford Fusion Energi. Visit our showroom in Winslow, AZ today!

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