The 2018 Ford Super Duty pickup truck is an attractive specimen deserving a lot of attention on the road. Bringing the power and toughness of the Ford brand to the frontline of the pickup truck industry, this vehicle is quickly becoming very popular in the heavy-duty pickup category.

Your jobs just have gotten easier with the 2018 Ford Super Duty Pickup because of the six upfitter switches in the overhead console controlling a variety of parts and accessories such as the lights, two-way radios, and AC inverter Outlet that can power external accessories and recharge batteries. Other productivity features include the towing system that allows you to connect a large vehicle of the same size in the rear and 7 available cameras for the Blind Spot Prevention and Trailer Reverse Guidance for staying on the right track when reversing.

All of these productivity features can be put to the test at Winslow Ford in Winslow, AZ on a test drive.

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