Ford Fusion Energi: The Little Hybrid that Performs

The Ford Fusion Energi remains a popular choice among vehicle owners who are also concerned about the environment. The spacious sedan seats up to five adults comfortably. But the vehicle's efficient performance features keep consumers coming back. Explore the new Fusion Energi at our Winslow, AZ Winslow Ford location. Take a drive and see how the vehicle capably performs.

The sedan comes equipped with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine, and an electric motor. Combined, the powerhouse gets up to 109 mpg while driving about town and 97 mpg on the open highway. The regenerative braking system is designed to recharge the battery each time the brakes are applied.

The unique instrument panel features two gauges that display the gas engine and battery-powered motor energy levels. See at a glance when the vehicle switches from one mode to the next along with the amount of power remaining in both motors.

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