Odors inside vehicles reduce driving's enjoyment. They can lessen your car-ownership pride, too. At Winslow Ford, we've removed odors from Winslow, AZ-area used vehicles' cabins, and we are happy to share our expert advice with you now.

To remove interior odors, you must first clean your car. Toss any garbage you discover in your vehicle. Also, as you may know, dirt and mud can contain odors, so vacuum your carpet and floor mats. For stubborn stains, use a car-ready carpet shampoo.

When your vehicle is spotless, you can address any foul smells that remain with an odor neutralizer. This type of product is superior to odor-masking air fresheners. Apply the neutralizer anywhere you smell an odor in your vehicle's cockpit. To deal with smoke and other persistent smells, spray the neutralizer into your climate system's intakes. Usually, you will find these intakes between your auto's hood and wipers. After you eliminate vehicle odor, keep it away with a little essential oil.

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