When you have to take your vehicle back after it's been leased, you need to consider some of the charges that could need to be paid to Winslow Ford. One of these is a mileage overage fee. There is usually a certain number of miles allowed each year, and if you go over that number, then you'll usually need to pay the fuel charge for the miles that you go over.

If there is any excess wear and tear on the vehicle, then you might have to pay fees for repairs. If you notice any issues before your lease expires, then consider getting it fixed by someone in Winslow Ford before taking the vehicle back. Extensive damage could mean that you would need to purchase the vehicle.

A fee that could become significant is the late fee. If you keep your vehicle past the date on the lease agreement, then you're likely going to be faced with a fee. The amount that you pay will usually depend on how long you keep the vehicle and if you communicate with the dealership.

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