The Ford Ranger is a brand-new mid-sized pickup truck that's ready for rough roads ahead. It's engineered with toughness and durability in mind. Every model at Winslow Ford includes a high-quality suspension system that can dominate any terrain.

On the front wheels, you'll find an independent A-arm suspension system. It also has monotube shock absorbers. They can help to dissipate heat. The absorbers are pressurized with nitrogen gas. The design provides consistent performance over difficult terrain. Overall, the front suspension system makes the truck more agile, thus providing you with more control in a wide range of driving environments.

Winslow drivers will appreciate the rear leaf springs on the back wheels. The parabolic springs give the truck more flexibility as you drive. The reduced stiffness can help you maintain control while avoiding any jarring movements as you go over dips or rocks. The rear wheels also have shock absorbers that are mounted outside of the frame rails for better cornering.

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