Peek Inside Ford Expedition's Handome Interior

You'll love the view from inside the 2019 Ford Expedition, rapidly becoming one of the industry's most popular full-size SUVs. The interior features of this impressive vehicle not only have an upscale feeling but also are focused on driver and passenger comfort.

Even on long drives, there is no leg or lower back fatigue, thanks to the heated and ventilated leather-trimmed front bucket seats. Both driver and passenger can sit back and feel completely relaxed, whether their trip takes 20 minutes or several hours. And the commitment to riding comfort continues for passengers in the front row, providing 42 inches of headroom and a spacious 64.9 inches of shoulder room.

But no matter how much we brag about the interior features of the 2019 Ford Expedition at our Winslow Ford showroom, nothing can convince our customers as good as first-hand experience. We invite you to visit us soon for a test drive.

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