The 2020 Ford Fusion Sedan marks Ford’s efforts to bring the best of technology in the car today at the forefront, integrating its many safety, convenience and comfort features into a seamless organic whole that is in the Ford Fusion. You’re a whole notch better off with these intelligent systems working together.

The 2020 Ford Fusion has incorporated its five highly responsive electronic systems that keep you safer on the road. It’s signature Ford Co-Pilot360 practically surrounds your car with sensors initiating each of its subsystems of safety features such as the Lane-Keeping System to keep you and your car from drifting and the Pre-Collision Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking.

Entertainment and connection are guaranteed with 2020 Ford Fusion through its FordPass Connect for Wi-Fi connectivity 50 feet out and its 150 entertainment channels from SiriusXM Radio. Drop by our showroom at Winslow Ford and have a look for yourself.

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