We stock Ford's latest Explorer at Winslow Ford. In Winslow, AZ, or anywhere, you can do a lot of things in this favorite SUV.

Ford's Terrain Management System is a standard Ford Explorer feature. It gives you drive modes that optimize your Ford Explorer's engagement with the current driving scenario. To acquire seven drive modes, choose Ford's Intelligent 4WD feature. This four-wheel-drive setup will help you smartly distribute traction on a broad set of surfaces. It is a crucial piece of equipment if you enjoy driving across all sorts of weather and terrain.

For your safety, your new Ford Explorer can also brake for you in multiple scenarios. Push the Hill Descent Control button to apply the brakes evenly as you go down a steep grade. You won't even need your foot on the pedal. Also, if you choose Reverse Brake Assist, your Ford Explorer will alert you about objects in your reverse path, and it may apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

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